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25/1988: "Como..." for magnetic tape or computer

Como... (1988), für Tonband oder computer

Como compaginar
la aniquiladora
idea de la muerte
con este incontenible
afán de vida?

Mario Benedetti,
'Esa Batalla'

This short piece was comissioned by the WDR in connexion with a presentation of works of C. Nancarrow in Köln. The computer begins by generating a harmonic structure which is kept unchanged during the whole composition. Eight voices comment this structure at great speed, however with always changing timbre, creating thus a kaleidoscopic soundscape. A second texture, a recording of native music of ESMERALDAS, a region of the coast in Ecuador, creates a second, 'complementary' depth. This composition can be performed 'live' or played from tape.

Mesias Maiguashca         

Auftrag: WDR
Tonträger: K.O. Studio Freiburg