Oeldorf 8 (1972-74), für Violine. Klarinette, Cello, E-Orgel, Synthesizer und Tonband

Oeldorf 8 was composed between 1972 and 1974. The tape was produced in the Electronic Music Studio of the West German Radio in Cologne, who originally comissioned the piece.

Oeldorf 8 consists of several smaller compositions that are played either one after the other or simultaneously. These compositions are:

-Piedrología, for four players
-Impulse, Linien, Flächen, for tape
-Übung, for E-Organ
-Ratespiel, for violin and clarinet
-4 Kanons, for four Instruments
-Hommage a la Quinte, for tape and instruments
-Sine Nomine, four 4 Instruments
-Oeldorf 8, for tape and instruments
-Sul G, for tape and instruments.

Oeldorf 8 is a chronicle of a very fruitful period in my life, a period which was characterized by an intense and lively contact with my friends in Oeldorf. It is not only music, it is also individual and collective autobiography of two years of togetherness. Oeldorf 8 is dedicated to Joachim Krist, Peter Eötvös and Gaby Schumacher.

Auftrag: WDR
Uraufführung: Darmstadt, 1974