Per fiati (1975), for wind ensemble and two accordions

Three elements coexist and interact in three different processes through the 14 structures of the composition.

1. Three instrumental groups (2 brass sextetts and one woodwind group) progress from 'chamber-music like' textures to 'tutti' orchestral textures (structure X) and later to three different textures;

2. The two accordions are certainly not "soloists", but rather "obligato" instruments, whose relationship to the instrumental groups marks a second process: at first, the role of the accordions is purely ornamental, they become progressively important; in structure IX they are soloists.

3. A third process corresponds to a magnetic tape containing a continuously changing electronic sound. At first decorative, the electronic sounds force later their harmonic content into the orchestral textures.

Uraufführung: WDR, Musik der Zeit, 1975