Intensidad y Altura (1979), für 6 Schlagzeuger und Tonband

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The starting point for this piece is the simultaneous division of a given time unit in four, five, six and seven equal segments, that is, the proportion 4 :5 :6: 7.

The "basic frequency" ot this piece is 988 Hz,

If we divide this frequency by 4,5,6 and 7 we obtain the "basic chord", 247, 197.6, 164.6 and 141.1 Hz.:

The "basic-rhythm" would be:

If we transpose this rhythm ten octaves lower, we obtain the "basic formal division":

In this composition the proportion 4:5:6:7 is present in 21 octaves, the highest being the basic frequency, the lowest the formal division.

"Quiero escribir pero me sale espuma,
quiero decir muchísimo y me atollo..."

de "Intensidad y Altura de César Vallejo

Mesias Maiguashca
Auftrag: CERM, Metz
Uraufführung: Festspiel Metz 1980

Ed. Salabert