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08c/1972-73: "EXERCISES", for cello and synthesizer

Exercises (1973), for cello and synthesizer



"The creative individual (in wrestling with his medium) is supposed to experience a joy which balances, if it does not overweight, the pain and anguish which accompany the struggle to exppress himself."
Henry Miller

The part of the performer consists of a series of isolated but very homogeneous events. He has to improvise ‘interpolatingly’ from one event to the next, creating thus a very homogeneous and continuous texture. The synthesizer, (an AKS, an ‘oldie’, the first classic of analogous synthesizer in the field of live electronics), transforms the original sound so that:

1. the transformation has an accompanying, ornamenting effect;

2. the transformation and the original sound have equal importance as polyphonic voices;

3. the transformation completely overshadows the original sound.