The cathedral and the Sea (2010),

Prelude to a Prelude for Organ and sea noises,


(written for the Cathedral of Trier)
First performance: 20 of april of 2010, Cathedral of Trier
Josef Still, Organ


Recording: Zsigmond Szathmary, Organ
Kirche Sankt Peter zu Köln.

In the piano prelude La Cathédrale engloutie Debussy describes a curious landscape: a Cathedral, moreover, a whole region appears covered by the sea. Time seems still, it is stretched to infitity. The legend of the enfulged City of Ys gives a clue for the origin of this landscape. In my composition The cathedral and the Sea time is active, things happen: the sea, symbol of astronomic time devours (in five minutes, the duration of the composition of Debussy) a cathedral, symbol of human time. Time devours time.