LA CELDA (2002), a mini-opera

Musical theater von Mesias Maiguashca,

for one actor, electroacoustical music and Video.


In 1997 I composed the mini-opera DIE FEINDE, based in the short story The secret Miracle von J.L. Borges. It was first performed in the same year in ZKM, Karlsruhe, who commissioned the composition. This work is rather difficult to perform because of technical problems. LA CELDA is a technically simplified versión of DIE FEINDE. It plays back a recording of the performance in Karlsruhe, plays back 3 Video sequences of the hungarian artist Tamás Waliczky and plays back an 8-Channel collage composed specially for this versión.


The secret Miracle tells the story of J. Hladik, a jewish writer, who in 1942 is imprisoned by the Nazis in Prag and then sentenced to death. He had just begun to write his main work DIE FEINDE. He claims to God to give him the time to finish writing it before he dies. The next day he is to be executed. The soldiers FIRE their guns, but the bullets remain somehow suspended. Hladik understands: God provides him the time to finish his play. Excitedly he writes his play in his mind. In the moment in which he finishes the bullets continue their course and blast him to death.


La Celda tells about the last night in his cell and the execution next day.


In this last night he is dammed to solitude. His only contact with the world are his ears. His only possible activity are gymnastic exercises.


The public

."sees" Hladik in his wonderings around the prison cell;

."hears" his inner world through 8 loudspeakers;

."participates" of Hladiks 3 dreams through the video sequences

."is told" about the story by a narrator.