Ayayayayay (1971), for tape


During the summer of 1969, I spent 6 weeks in Ecuador. During my stay I recorded everything that came to my ears: sounds and noises from nature (wind, rivers, animals, rain, etc.), typical noises of the city (market sounds, traffic, etc.), events that I attended (conversations, trips, parties, a baptism) and of course “music” (performances, radio programs, recordings, etc.), in short, everything that surrounded me acoustically. After I had gained some distance from the trip I started listening to the recordings in order to classify and study them. I discovered in them a double potential: on one hand, very interesting acoustic parametrical properties; on the other, a vivid representation of objects, ideas, emotions and situations that depict a way of life, "our way of life". Ayayayayay wants to profit of both aspects. Superimposed over an abstract texture created trough manipulation of concrete sounds, one can hear acoustic images of characteristic moments of our everyday life: a life, dirty, dark, without any other relief than alcohol and illusions, under the surface of a despotic, cynical and hypocritical society.