Exercises for 3, (1973), for violin, clarinet and cello

In 1972, I started a set of compositions (Exercises) for different instruments and instrumental groups.

A particular compositional problem and the peculiarities of the used instruments were the starting point for each exercise.

The Exercises for violin, clarinet and cello consist of three individual solos; they are to be performed at the same time but can also be performed individually.

The three instrumental parts create musical textures that oscillate between completely heterogenous layers and very carefully composed Duos and Trios. The performers are to be located far from each other. This distance should help to emphasize the polyphonic character of the composition.

The composition is dedicated to Joachim Krist, Susanne Stephens and Gaby Schumacher.

First performance: Sommernachtmusik in Oeldorf.