....y ahora vamos por aquí.... (1977), for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello and double bass and tape

A bell-like tone is played back 30 times from tape. This sound was recorded by playing on a "Paila", a large copper pot in which (in Ecuador) pork is fried. Like a curtain, this sound uncovers periodically resonances, reverberation, textures.

This piece is dedicated to my parents. In an earlier composition (Ayayayayay) the words ...y ahora vamos por aquí...(spoken by my father) can be heard very clearly in a very exposed moment. Through constant listening to these words they lost for me their semantic meaning, they became rather something like an acoustic symbol recalling the memory of my father.
During the work on the composition, my mother died after a long illness. I finished reading at that time the book "Life after death" (memories of persons who were clinically death and could "brought back" to life). Both of these experiences confronted me very dinamically with the experience of death.

Edition Modern