Hör-zu, concrete and electronic music (1969), for tape



Electronic sounds, human sounds (language, laughter, heart beats, etc.), mechanical sounds (e.g. metal sounds) and concrete sounds (trains, planes, etc.) are present in this composition. All concretes sounds are a sort of acoustical diary of my life at the time. The 'abstract' electronic sounds mixed surprisingly well with the 'concrete' ones. In this way, a continuum was created: between the 'real' and the 'unreal', between the 'figurative' and the 'non-figurativ', between the 'objective' and the 'subjective'.

"On the last page of the book, I told about a man who had made ihis life-task to paint a picture of the universe. He painted ships, towers, horses, weapons and people on a big wall year after year. In the moment of his death, he saw that what he had painted was his own face."

(J. L. Borges)