88d/: 2017-2019: "La Canción de la Tierra", an audiovisual composition

La Canción de la Tierra, an audiovisual composition
Idea and music, Mesias Maiguashca,
Video, Carlos Poete.
Audio Ambisonics Technique, Johannes Schütt.

The first time I heard Gustav Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde (about 30 years ago as a student in Europe), I decided to compose also a Song of the Earth, of course with a different sound content. We know that our history, American history, does not begin with the "discovery" and conquest by the Europeans. We know well that the superimposition of European culture on American culture brought it to the brink of destruction and disappearance. European philosophy, religion and ways of life became the norm of American life and in many ways still are. But I believe that there is a specific Andean way of experiencing the world. I certainly can't describe it, let alone explain it. Could it be made to sound?

The composition La Canción de la Tierra for a group of Andean instruments, a group of wind instruments, a choir of 6 women and 6 men and two groups of "sound objects" made of wood and metal, designed by myself, was premiered in Quito in 2013. Unfortunately the concert could not be documented satisfactorily due to the technical and musical complexity of the work. As a consequence, I have designed the audiovisual composition described here as a reminder. It is not a documentation of the concert, it is an autonomous work. The soundtrack is based largely on the original recording of the concert. The video track was designed by Carlos Poete, (from Argentina) and is something like a "visual essay" on the world of the Ecuadorian Andes. The audio version with Ambisonics technology was made in the ICST /ZHdK (University of the Arts Zurich) studio by sound engineer Johannes Schütt.

The Song of the Earth consists of 14 canciones:

Canción del ser,                               canción del ruido cósmico,             canción del hanan-pacha,
canción de la papa,                          canción del agua,                            canción del granizo,
canción de la brisa,                         canción del estar,                            canción del kay-pacha,
canción de los guacamayos,           canción del uku-pacha,                   canción del paisaje seco,
canción de la cordillera,                  canción del amanecer.

La Canción de la Tierra es una meditación
y un canto de homenaje y agradecimiento
a la Naturaleza, a la Madre Tierra, a la Pachamama.